Why you can’t outwork your thought habits.

I see a fascinating repeating pattern with clients who have immediate and direct control over increasing their income. Perhaps they have a business in direct sales or with a multi-level marketing company or maybe they work on commission or have the chance to earn generous performance-based bonuses at work. Even small business owners fall prey to this pattern as they are the ones who determine their own salaries.  

Here’s the pattern. For a period of time, a client will do all of the daily work needed to generate a higher level of income than he or she has ever had before. Their focused efforts create the results they want, but when the money starts to come in, the feeling of more than enough, of more than the person’s level of self-worth, is absolutely terrifying. It should feel great and may even be celebrated by peers or family members, but inside, it brings up all sorts of fear, discomfort and feelings of inadequacy.  

Without ever realizing it, I then watch as the person subtly creates chaos, gets distracted by other interests, says yes to too many commitments, or just stops taking the tiny daily steps that create growth. They expertly self-sabotage until they return to the level of income that feels more in alignment with what they feel they are worth. They aren’t even aware they are doing this; it happens at such a deep subconscious level.  

Typically, if clients leave traditional jobs to take on a more commission-based work, they will find a level of income that is very consistent with their last job or career. They will subconsciously figure out how to do JUST enough to earn that same amount with their new entrepreneurial role, even if they are capable of earning so much more.  

They often justify their under-earning by celebrating on the benefits the new opportunity has brought into their lives – community, freedom, or the ability to prioritize their families over their work – not recognizing those benefits are available ALONG WITH a higher level of income. You don’t need to sacrifice those amazing perks to earn more.

It’s almost frightening to watch people subconsciously figure out how to consistently create maintain that old deserve level of income in a space that really has no earning limits.  

Watching this pattern over and over again, I have concluded that until you do the INNER work of growing yourself, your income won’t grow either, at least not for an extended period of time.

You simply cannot outwork your thought habits.  

If you are tired of struggling financially or you are ready for a new level of abundance, can I invite you to take my latest online course – Money Is a Mirror.  Four one-hour sessions complete with exercises and handouts will challenge you to re-examine your relationship with money in ways you never imagined were possible. 

“This class was not about budgeting or how to make more money, but digging deep into how I felt about money.  It was about understanding my relationship with money.  Thank you Amy for a great experience and some more books to read!”

Tami Galbreath

“Standing O! When you had us do the first exercise today, I almost shouted HALLELUJAH in the waiting room of the car service center, where I was listening! My first thoughts were actually positive and joyful about money!! I am reveling in the proof that I can rewrite thought patterns to follow new paths – this is what excites me most about life right now. Loved your course and using money as a mirror!”

Melanie Hartt


  1. Jill Rieken on March 3, 2022 at 9:42 AM

    So many ah-ha moments during this course!! Looking back, I know I felt like I was not worthy of more, I did my job well, I got my increases. Then I stepped into a male-dominating function at work, and I braved the challenges and started to ask the unspoken questions…”Is this negotiable?”, “Is everyone in the same range?”. I began to watch my income increase, double, and triple. I welcomed the earnings and continued to do my job well, but I also began to feel WORTHY. And now, I am humbled, to tears, that I am earning enough to give, give, give, and the mirror is there to support what I am receiving. I am valued AND I am valuable. This course pulled all the missing pieces together and made sense of my situation.

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