The Habit Finder Assessment

The Habit Finder Assessment

Measure. Master. Multiply. There are no "right" or "wrong" habits, but there are habits that support your goals and habits that are sabotaging you. Knowing your habits and how they are working in your life helps you to become more successful.

Amy's Own Experience

With the Habit Finder Assessment

I first took the Habit Finder assessment over ten years ago.  A close friend of mine had been working with a coach who used it, and she was experiencing huge personal and professional growth. She kept expressing how this assessment and the Habit Finder materials had revealed things that she never had known about herself, and she told me all about how much the coach she was working with was helping her move quickly forward over obstacles that had stopped her for years.

I was intrigued but skeptical.

At her encouragement, I took the assessment, not feeling like I had much need for a coach or work like this. When I got the results after filling out the two quick forms, I was captivated. I felt deeply seen, kind of annoyed if I’m being frank, but it was by far the most fascinating, accurate assessment I had ever taken (and I've taken quite a few!).  The Habit Finder revealed blind spots and pain points I'd never verbalized to anyone.

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After taking the Habit Finder and having a conversation with him about the results, I ended up working with a Habit Finder coach for the next year and a half. In that time, my business exploded with growth, I worked differently and showed up in new ways in my relationships and life. In fact, I would say that every day since this initial engagement, I use the principles I learned in this one experience.

I knew when I started Amy Kemp, Inc. that this assessment was the best fit for me and my clients. I worked through a very intensive coach certification process and am now an official Habit Finder coach. Using this assessment tool and the incredible curriculum, I help people identify and replace their most unhealthy habits of thinking so they can move forward toward creating the lives of their dreams.

The most simple way to describe the Habit Finder?

It doesn’t tell me WHAT you think. It tells me HOW you think.

It’s not an assessment of YOU or your personality traits; it’s a snapshot of how you are thinking right now, of your thought habits. In fact, you’ll probably resist the results if you view them as personality traits or strengths or weaknesses.

You are certainly not your thoughts, but your thoughts are impacting every moment of your life.

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The Habit Finder Debrief

Received your Habit Finder assessment and don’t know where to start? I can help. If you'd like to dig into your results, you can schedule a one-hour deep dive into them and gain even more insight into how you can move forward toward creating the life of your dreams.