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The Well-Tended Life Podcast with Keri  Wilt

Amy joined Keri Wilt on Episode 59 of her podcast. She shares: “In my journal practice, I write down what I call “heart taps”, which are the things that speak directly to my heart. Here are a few of the heart tap moments that I wrote down from this interview with AMY KEMP: 


The Simple & Intentional Podcast

Did you know that the majority of our thoughts we are unaware of BUT that they are impacting so much of our day to day life? Join Sarah Horgan as she chats with Amy Kemp, the author of the upcoming book I See You,  as we discuss how to use structure to overcome the thoughts habits we…


The Why Not Today Podcast

This episode features Amy Kemp, CEO and Owner, Amy Kemp, Inc. Amy shares her courage stories about a career change and writing her book, “I See You” Amy also works as a coach and we talked about how she creates safe spaces for people to grow and learn where she and help them discover what’s…

I See You by Amy Kemp Book Cover Hero (2)

Foreward Review

Incisive and comfort filled, I See You is a business coach’s holistic guide for professional women. A warm hug of a self-help book for women, entrepreneur Amy Kemp’s I See You aims to help audiences harness their innate talents and recognize their worth. Read more about what they have to say here

I See You by Amy Kemp Book Cover Hero (2)

BlueInk Review

I See You is a motivational book designed to help women increase their earnings without spending more time working. It’s written by Amy Kemp, a sales leader turned coach who focuses on helping clients see the connection between mindset and outcomes. See what else they had to say here:

I’d like you to meet Bob.

I’d like you all to meet (or re-meet if you have followed me for some time) my friend Bob. Bob is a two inch tall “so ugly he’s cute” troll with frizzy blue hair. I bought Bob a few years ago at the encouragement of my writing coach, AJ Harper, who warned me that in…


Podcast: I See You with Yo Adrienne Talks

Listen here. “Absolutely thrilled to present a captivating episode featuring the incredible Amy Kemp, the brilliant mind behind the empowering book “I See You.” Join us as we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and delve into the depths of embracing your true worth. Amy’s insights are nothing short of invaluable, as she shares…

I See You by Amy Kemp Book Cover Hero (2)

Booklife Review

Read what Booklife has to say about I See You here!

Amy’s Top 10 Favorite Things of 2023

Yoga The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to exercise and movement that I will be able to do for the next thirty years of my life. More than anything, I want flexibility, strength and freedom from injury, and I have found yoga to be a perfect fit. I’m so grateful for…


Your Life Your Story – RISE UP Podcast with Jill O’Boyle

Amy joined Jill O’Boyle to discuss “Money is a Mirror”