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I See You by Amy Kemp Book Cover Hero (2)

Booklife Review

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Amy’s Top 10 Favorite Things of 2023

Yoga The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to exercise and movement that I will be able to do for the next thirty years of my life. More than anything, I want flexibility, strength and freedom from injury, and I have found yoga to be a perfect fit. I’m so grateful for…


Your Life Your Story – RISE UP Podcast with Jill O’Boyle

Amy joined Jill O’Boyle to discuss “Money is a Mirror”


“Wealthy After Forty” Podcast with Dalene Higgins

Amy joined the “Wealthy After 40: Personal Finance, Financial Freedom, Debt Payoff & Retirement Savings for Gen X” Podcast with Dalene Higgins to discuss “The Unseen Links Between Money and Life with Amy Kemp”

I See You

Yep, you. I see you reading my emails, liking my posts, and even if you don’t reply or comment, I can feel your positive energy and your head nodding up and down and your spirit yelling out silently, “Yes! Yes! YES! That is true!” I see you with the fire of ambition burning inside you, untamable and unruly…

Does the ground beneath you feel a little shaky?

With over 20 years of the entrepreneurial life under my belt, I have a few principles I have learned that feel counterintuitive but that have served me well through the years. Here is one I learned in the midst of the 2008 recession: The last thing I will eliminate from my budget when things feel uncertain…

Are you ready to take the risk?

At the end of August, I traveled to Utah for a weekend retreat with a group of coaches who also use the Habit Finder assessment and curriculum with their clients. The time we spend together is a beautiful blend of learning and fun, and sometimes both at the same time. One afternoon, about 12 coaches…

My Favorite Moment from our Summer Vacation May Surprise You

We spent the last five days in the mountains of California near Yosemite Park. We went white water rafting in the Tuolumne River, which earned a spot in my “Top 5 Most Exhilarating (and also moderately terrifying — lol) Life Experiences” list. We hiked to the top of Sentinel Dome overlooking the most famous seven-mile…

Do you feel seen?

For more than twenty years, the mission of my work has been the development and support of leaders. A recent conversation I had with a female leader who I met at a community event reminded me why this work is so important. A mutual friend introduced me to this leader at a local networking event, and…

Stepping into a leadership role? Here’s 5 things to know!

I work with many people who are transitioning from the role of employee to leader within an organization or who are business owners leading a team of people. This change can be unsettling and challenging. Here are 5 things you need to know as you step into a leadership role that will give you perspective…