The Power of Consistency

Several years ago, a good friend and business peer said to me, “You are so consistent it’s ANNOYING!”

To this day, I consider her words one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.

I’ve been an entrepreneur building my own businesses for over two decades and through that stretch, there have been MANY people whose businesses have skyrocketed past mine, particularly during times of economic growth and stability.

Sometimes during these stretches I would wonder why my business didn’t take off and experience astronomical growth; instead, it continued to plod forward, growing slowly and incrementally. No one really noticed, and it all felt sort of boring and slow.

But then came the times when the economy tightened and people weren’t spending as easily, and everyone and everything felt a little uncertain.

And guess what would happen? This business I had built consistently through strong relationships with my clients and those I led kept plodding along like always. I’d experience a little dip, maybe some needed pruning during the downturn, but nothing drastic or crazy.

I’d ride out the storm (which after you’ve been in business awhile is an expected occurrence and not a bewildering surprise) and quietly observe as others around me panicked, trying to salvage whatever they could with bigger challenges and rally cries and sadly, at times, even shame and manipulation.

This is what I’ve learned from my annoying consistency — businesses built on strong, trusting relationships and tiny daily millimeter steps will stand the test of time. The economic storms will blow, and you may need to adjust your sails a bit when they do, but in time, they pass as do all things.

I guess the bottom line is — I’m annoyingly consistent.

No matter what is happening around me.

And I’m dang proud of it.

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