Take a break from structure

If you ask most people what I am best at or known for as a business leader and person, most will say without hesitation, “Structure and systems.”

I would agree. This is one of my natural strengths.

Can I let you in on a little secret about why this is true? Do you want to know how I do wholeheartedly embrace structure and systems in my life? It may surprise you.

I take regular breaks from it.

Yep, I rest on a regular basis from structure SO THAT I can embrace structure in important chunks of time.

This picture is me at 1 pm on a Friday afternoon. I haven’t showered. I haven’t put on any make up yet. I’m still wearing my sweaty yoga clothes because I gave myself permission to rebel against any plans or structure for the day.

In fact, I unexpectedly saw a friend at yoga who I haven’t seen in WAY too long. On a whim, we ended up spending an hour at Starbucks catching up after class. It filled my cup with more than just a mango dragon fruit refresher!
I basically bounced around doing whatever I wanted all day long — some work, some play — all day, no structure. On purpose.

Why did I give myself this day? Because the previous four days required extremely intense focus and high levels of structure for me. I had little margin in my schedule between calls and commitments and the work I did required my best energy. And I gave it. And then I was tired. I needed a break to refuel and renew.

If in your mind being structured means you are perfect about following your schedule 100% of the time and that you always check every single thing off your to-do list and you never get a break, you won’t even begin to consider embracing it. In the real world, this is how it goes. Focus. Then rest. Then focus. Then rest. Then intense focus. Then rest. It’s about rhythm and it’s about imperfection.

I invite you to join me on a journey of embracing structure as the path to freedom by first recognizing that being good at structure means you also must embrace rest from it.

If this is a new thought for you, I’d invite you to purchase my online course titled “Surrender to Structure.” I think it will serve you in a deep, lasting way.

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