Stepping into a leadership role? Here’s 5 things to know!

I work with many people who are transitioning from the role of employee to leader within an organization or who are business owners leading a team of people. This change can be unsettling and challenging. Here are 5 things you need to know as you step into a leadership role that will give you perspective and reassurance:

  1. When you step into a leadership role, all of your work relationships change, even if just a little bit. When you are “the boss,” you are no longer my friend. These relationships can’t ever go back to exactly what they were before. It’s okay to grieve this loss.
  2. Everyone is going to have opinions about you—your decisions and why you made them, how many hours you work and what you’re doing during those hours, what you are wearing, your tone of voice and facial expressions, and basically everything you say and do and these opinions won’t all be positive.
  3. Progress as a leader is more dependent on how well you can develop people and connect with people than on how hard or long you work. The exchange of time for money is no longer what increases your impact. You may even need to work less so you have the energy for the really emotionally intense things this role requires of you.
  4. Not everyone can do what you’re doing now as a leader. It’s a much more rare skill set. This doesn’t make YOU more valuable than any other human being on the planet because we are ALL intrinsically valuable. It does make your time and energy more valuable, so you’ll need to increase your lack of tolerance for distractions and procrastination.
  5. You must have consistent, scheduled space to talk with someone who is NOT connected to work or your decisions there and with whom you can talk openly about work challenges. For me, for the past 20 years, (and this isn’t just because it’s what I do for a living) this has been in the form of a business coach. Pay whatever it costs to protect or create this space.

Leadership is no joke. I see you out there today, bravely navigating the wilderness of this space. Our world needs committed, healthy leaders. Thank you for stepping into the space and saying yes to the wonderful and the challenging parts of this role.

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