Personal Growth = Professional Growth

I got a text this week from a client that said, “I did it! My 2021 income exceeded $200,000! I would love to shout that out to everyone I know, but I feel like you are one of the few people I can tell.”

To say that this text made my day could be the understatement of the year, and frankly, the reason has NOTHING to do with the amount of money she earned, however impressive that is. What you wouldn’t know from the text is that this level of income for this client represents a HUGE amount of personal growth over the last eighteen months. She made some difficult choices to end an unhealthy, long-term relationship that was not serving her. She set clearer boundaries between her work and personal life, increasing the amount of “playtime” in her week and lowering the number of hours she spent working. She did the deeper work of healing her self-esteem by acknowledging painful past experiences and by examining conclusions she’d drawn from them that weren’t really true. 

Let me be exceedingly clear. This work was not fast. The changes in her income did not happen overnight. Her investment in herself involved much more than just action steps to strategically grow her business. She invested significant time and financial resources in growing herself. And as I always say—personal growth precedes professional growth. Her income this year represents a person who slowly grew to believe she is WORTH $200,000 a year…and believe me, she is. She just had to believe it too.

Money Mirror.jpeg

If I asked you to describe your financial life as it exists RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT with FEELING words, what you would say? Did you know that FEELINGS either attract or deflect money? Does that sound hokey or weird? Did you know that if you can change your FEELINGS around money, you can also change your financial situation?

In February, I am going to dig deeply into this topic with a 4-part online course titled “Money Is a Mirror.” Registration is live here. $149 for the course. You do NOT need to be on the sessions live—many are not, but I do always love the live audience feedback! Sessions will be held on Fridays in February from noon – 1:00 pm CST and of course, all will be recorded. If your financial situation is telling you that it’s time to dig in more deeply to your internal thought habits, or if you are ready to truly shed some old, unhealthy thought habits, I hope you’ll join me.

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