Meet Bob

I’d like to introduce you to my new friend, Bob.  

Meet Bob

That’s really his name, given to him by the Troll creators that sold him to me on Amazon.

I bought Bob at the encouragement of my writing coach, who warned me that in the journey of writing a book, I would certainly encounter some inner “trolls.”

Even though he is cute, my troll, Bob, says things like this to me—”You sure are investing a lot of time and energy and money into something that may never earn a penny.” “There are a million books out there written for women who lead who are stuck and want to move forward. Do you really have anything unique to say?” “You know NOTHING about the world of publishing. How will you ever know how to navigate the entire process that takes place AFTER the book is written?” “Even though this is your first book, it better be PERFECT. ” “What if no one reads it? What if it isn’t good? What if you really aren’t a writer?”

Bob talks a LOT.

He also sits on my desk as I’m currently writing for hours each day as a reminder that even though there is all of that noise, it’s just noise. Bob represents all of my unhealthy, insecure thought habits that aren’t even real. After all, thoughts are just things.

I sometimes have to talk to Bob. I thank him for his feedback and then tell him to SHUT UP so I can get back to work writing. Sometimes I smile at him and say, “Not today, Bob. I have work to do.” Other times, I look at Bob and he reminds me that the myriad of reasons I’m avoiding typing right are not moving the book toward completion, nor are they real obstacles that are stopping me. I am in resistance.

Maybe today, you are working to create something new—new clients, a new piece of marketing material, a business that thrives. Maybe the process of creation brings up all of the noise inside of your head. Maybe you need to buy a Bob (or whatever your troll is named) and remind him that you are in charge, not him.

Stand down, Bob. I have an important thing to do and all of your chatter will not stop me. #shutupbob #thereisabooktowrite #amykempinc #theadventuresofbobandamy

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