I See You Roundtable Discussion

A few months ago, I gathered a group of advance readers to have the first ever real, meaningful conversation abut I See You over lunch. These were some of my very first readers. You’ll even notice in the pictures that their books are spiral bound because we didn’t have any official printed copies yet; we had these printed at a local print shop for everyone! We also brought in a professional videographer to capture the experience.

During our conversation on my living room couches, we talked about principles we knew but needed to be reminded of, new thoughts that arose, parts we didn’t ever want to forget, and simple things that just felt…true from the book.

I say in the introduction of the video that when I die and go to heaven, I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending my days (when I’m not playing pickleball—LOL) with brilliant people talking about books. This conversation really was a slice of heaven on earth for me…and I’m beyond excited to share it with all of you.

Pull up a chair or pop in your airpods while you’re on a walk and listen in!


  1. […] ​What happens next is unlimited, unfettered expansion. As more and more people read the book, something magical is happening…it’s a movement that has energy and impact and a vibrant energy I can feel pulsing all around me and spreading from person to person! Please keep sharing your feedback with me and everyone around you as you read or listen! Keep the woo-woo going!​I also don’t want you to forget to watch the conversation I had with eight advance readers that we had professionally recorded. It was a top ten experience of my life, and you can watch it here. […]

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