Holding Space

Do you know what I get to do all day long? I have the honor and privilege of holding space for leaders, business owners and people who have great influence in our communities.

Most leaders have very few, if any, spaces in their lives where they can NOT be okay, where they can work through their own feelings and where no one has an agenda. They have to be careful about who they tell what and it’s not always appropriate to share personal struggles with those you lead.

So all day long, they hold space for other people…and that takes a lot of emotional, physical and spiritual energy. And the more difficult the people are who you serve or lead, the more energy it takes to hold space for them. And right now, in our current reality, everything is more intense and emotional, so the work of a leader is even more taxing.

My question for you: In a season when you might be feeling exceptionally drained and you might be wondering how much longer you can keep doing this is—who is holding space for you? 

The most dangerous season for a leader is when he or she is holding space for a lot of people and it is requiring a lot of energy, yet no one is holding space for the leader. This space is where addictions begin, poor decisions are made, physical health problems take root and relationships are irreparably damaged. Do not stay here for long.

If that’s you, I’m here. No agenda. No expectations. Just here holding space so you can clear the noise from your head and show up healthy and whole. You are not alone.

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