Amy’s Top 10 Favorite Things of 2023


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The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to exercise and movement that I will be able to do for the next thirty years of my life. More than anything, I want flexibility, strength and freedom from injury, and I have found yoga to be a perfect fit. I’m so grateful for Olive Branch Yoga, our local studio where I practice with some of the most extraordinary teachers and friends several times a week. Each class is unique, and the time I spend there as a student under the infrared heat panels not only serves my body, but it is great for my spirit too.  

Sok It

JavaSok - Monstera Ink – Sok-It

You all know how I love a Mango Dragonfruit Refresher from Starbucks!  What I don’t love is the “sweat” on the outside of my cup dripping all over my desk and car and clothes! A friend (thanks Curtis!) told me about the “Sok It” sleeve that you can put over your drink and it has been life-changing!  No more cold fingers or drips from my favorite drink! 

Annual Skin Checks
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After a friend was diagnosed with melanoma five years ago, I’ve made it a priority to go each year to my dermatologist for a skin check. At times, I must confess this annual appointment even felt a little silly because it was so short and uneventful…until November when my doctor found a “suspicious” mole and removed it. Lab results came back that this mole was on its way to becoming melanoma, so I had an excision done around its margins leaving me with this gnarly battle scar.  All is well and I am grateful.  I’m also now on a mission to make sure everyone I love makes an appointment to get their skin checked!  Do not delay!  Call the doctor TODAY!    

Clearly Canadian Clearly Canadian Sparkling Flavored Water (Orchard Peach, 12  Pack) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

In junior high and high school, we often had time to run into the local “mom and pop” grocery store before our after-school practices, and I would always buy a Clearly Canadian to drink. It’s pop (or soda if you’re not from the Midwest) but not quite so sweet. It is NOT La Croix or like other such unbearable unsweetened beverages! To my delight, Clearly Canadian is making a comeback and can now be purchased at our local grocery stores. And in case you’re wondering, peach is my favorite flavor!


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Many of you follow me personally on social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram. Can I also invite you to follow my business page on Instagram? @amykempinc offers gobs of helpful content, announcements about upcoming events and offerings, podcast appearances and more about all things Amy Kemp, Inc.! I’d love to have you “follow” my work there!  

Aria Candles


My favorite hotel to stay at in Vegas is the Aria. It’s luxurious and classy and the lobby is filled with  the most delicious, welcoming, wonderful smell. I started ordering candles of their “signature scent” for our home, described on the website as “a sweet floriental Asian Garden aroma of vanilla, lily of the valley, tuberose, floral gourmand and amber.” You can order some yourself at

Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour - Wikipedia

Is it possible to even create a 2023 Top 10 list without including Taylor Swift? I don’t think so. I’ve wholeheartedly jumped on the “Swiftie” bandwagon this year, memorizing the lyrics to her many songs, following every tidbit of her Eras tour on social media, and Avery got lucky scoring a Ticketmaster code and we got some really great tickets to see her in Indianapolis next year. T. Swift is fully grounded in who she is and she’s doing it all with grace and kindness. I’m all in for that!  

Sarah J. Maas

A Court Of Thorns And Roses Paperback Box Set (5 Books) - By Sarah J Maas :  Target

I read a lot of personal development books, but I also love to dive into a juicy romance novel for fun. My favorite author of the past three years is without question, Sarah J. Maas. She has written two series and is in the middle of a third – A Court of Thorn & Roses, the Throne of Glass series, and now Crescent City.  They are plenty steamy, full of adventure and you’ll basically ignore the world around you once you’re hooked so be warned!  Highly recommend!  

Publishing my First Book

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Last year, I wrote my first book. This year, I edited and published this book – two very different things it turns out! Allow me to introduce you to I See You – A Guide for Women to Make More, Have More, and Be More – Without More Work. While she will officially launch into the world on February 29, 2024, preordering is available now at all major online book retailers and Audible!  I hope you order a copy or two and more than that, I hope you read each and every word.  

National Parks

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Because I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Sequoia trees, we planned a trip to Yosemite National Park for our family vacation this year.  We hiked a ton, went white water rafting, and even rented jet skis in this majestic, unbelievably beautiful place.  Next stop?  I think Yellowstone is calling my name!  I’m so glad these spaces are protected and here for us to enjoy.

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