8 signs it’s the right time for a coach.

I took a little impromptu survey recently of some of my one-on-one clients and asked them, “How did you know it was time to hire a coach?

This is what they said.

  1. “I couldn’t work any more hours but I wanted my business to grow. I knew I had to change the way I thought and worked but couldn’t do it alone.”
  2. “Leading people and growing a team challenged me in ways ‘producing’ never did. (a.k.a. – Why can’t these people get their stuff together? It’s not that hard!)”
  3. “A major transition is coming in my career. The change is going to affect a lot of people and I need help navigating it.”
  4. “I couldn’t keep up the pace at which I was working and living for much longer without something really melting down—my physical or mental health, my marriage, etc.”
  5. “I wanted to increase my income, and I had tried everything I knew to do. I ran out of ideas and decided to ask for help.”
  6. “It isn’t appropriate to share how I’m really doing with those I lead, and I lead in almost every area of my life. I needed a safe space to not be okay and to be real about what was happening.”
  7. “I came home from a huge event all pumped up and ready to grow my business to the next level. I knew I needed guidance so I would keep working when the hype wore off.”
  8. “My mentor told me I needed a coach and I trust her implicitly.”

This is where I step in to help.

We start by having you take the Habit Finder assessment—which you can take for free on my website at any time by the way!—it takes about 10 minutes. You’ll get the results right away after taking it. This amazing tool gives me a snapshot of the subconscious thought habits, and they usually tell me a lot about why you feel so stuck or frustrated or exhausted. Next, we walk through the results assessment together and decide if a group or one-on-one setting would best fit your needs.

Summer is coming to a close soon so I will have availability for two more one-on-one clients in mid-August. The informational kick off Zoom for my fall Encounter group is on August 10—email me if you’re interested in attending.

If you’re unsure which option would be the best fit, email me and we can schedule a chat.

Most importantly, whether one of the reasons above resonated, or you have a different challenge you are facing, know that you are not alone. There is a way to move forward from where you are. I see you. This is what I do. Reach out and let’s get started today.

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