Unlimited Leads Forever Challenge

Enrollment Ends April 9, 2023

Challenge Runs: April 10 - 30, 2023

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Unlimited Leads Forever Challenge

Unlimited Leads Forever Challenge — April 10 - 30, 2023

Have you absolutely exhausted your warm list of leads - family, friends and co-workers?

Do you ever wonder if the market for what you offer is saturated or does it feel like that on most days?

Did your income peak in the first years of growing your business and then plateau or decline?

Are you confident that if you had potential customers to contact, you could create the sales, new clients and signed contracts you desire?

What if you had an overflowing list of potential leads?  Would you feel re-energized about the work you do?

Who is this for?

Your Commitment

I've created a challenge for anyone whose work has two parts:
  1. The work of finding new leads.
  2. The work of delivering your product, opportunity or service.
If you are confident at #2, clients rave about you and what you provide and you believe in it deeply but it feels like you've run out of people to whom you can offer it, this FREE 21-day challenge is for you!
  • Watch three 10-minute videos of Amy's teaching that will be delivered to your inbox once a week and which offer fresh perspectives, practical tools and clear daily steps.
  • Less than 5 minutes a day completing the challenge you've been given for the week.
  • A special hour-long live Zoom on May 1 from noon - 1:00 pm CST to gather and celebrate the success of your challenge.

Escape the "Land of No More Leads!"

At the end of 21 days, you will be exiting the dreaded "Land of No More Names" and accessing a list of unlimited leads forever!  

Don't delay - sign up for Amy's newsletter and access the challenge today!

(And feel free to share this link with as many friends or business associates as you wish!  EVERYONE is welcome and this would be fun to work through with a team or group of friends!)

Enrollment is now closed! 


About Amy Kemp

An effective communicator, strategic coach and successful business owner, Amy Kemp is best known for making complicated ideas and strategies simple and accessible to all people.

While teaching high school English, Amy started a side-hustle network marketing business. Two years later, after earning the use of her first free car and building a strong team of independent sales consultants, she retired from teaching at the age of 24. Amy built and still leads an organization of more than 1,000 independent consultants and sales directors across the United States. She has led her team of consultants to be the #1 unit of sales consultants in the State of Illinois every year since 2012. In 2018 and 2019, they also finished as the #1 team in retail sales in the entire United States (out of over 9,000 teams).

Five years ago, she opened the doors to a new corporation called Amy Kemp, Inc. Amy uses the Habit Finder assessment tool in small group and one-on-one engagements to help female leaders understand how deeply thought habits impact every part of their lives.  Amy has led more than 400 leaders through a four-month leadership development engagement called Encounter. She also works with leaders in one-on-one settings and with leadership teams at small and large companies as well as in non-profit organizations.